How to Replace Eyes on a Reborn Doll Tutorial

I had a customer request this video a couple months ago because she needed to fix her baby's eyes. While changing the doll's clothes, her daughter had placed too much pressure on the eye, and this particular doll being as soft and flexible as she was, the eye got shoved back in the socket a bit. So I thought I would share this video with the rest of you in case anyone has a similar problem, or if anyone just plum wants to change the eyes on their doll! Hope it helps.

As a side note, if you are working with a doll that has a cloth body rather than a jointed full body, you can view my post on removing and replacing the head on a reborn with a cloth body. Also, typically the replacing of eyes requires you to replace the eyelashes as well. You can view my tutorial on fixing reborn eyelashes to help with this.